Interior Wall

Premixed rapid, thixotropic, resin-based, fibre-reinforced cement mortar for smoothing and repairing concrete and reinforced concrete.

Fiber-reinforced, cementitious mineral mortar for repairing and finishing various types of surfaces, up to 10 mm thickness.


Mono-component, multipurpose polyurethane foam with formula providing increased linear yield and limited post-expansion.


One-component polyurethane foam for bonding of various types of insulating panels for below-ground perimeter insulation and thermal insulation in general.  



Premixed medium-fast setting thixotropic mortar, for reconstruction of concrete.


Premixed, multi-purpose, thixotropic, rapid setting and hardening, high mechanical strength cement mortar.

Premixed cement mortar for renovating plasterwork on masonry affected by rising damp and saline efflorescence.

Semirapid premixed cement mortar for the volumetric reconstruction of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Malta cementizia premiscelata multifunzionale per la realizzazione del rinzaffo, con funzione di barriera antisale, e dell’intonaco di risanamento di muratura affetta da umidità di risalita capillare ed efflorescenze saline.

Premixed cement mortar to make renders for renovating and/or dehumidifying normal plasterwork.

Premixed cement mortar for machine application of dehumidifying plasterwork on masonry affected by rising damp and saline efflorescence.

Premixed cement mortar for dehumidifying plasterwork on masonry affected by rising damp.

Preliminary universal coat, based on silane-siloxane resins, ready to use, combats saline efflorescence.

Premixed cement mortar for highly breathable finishing of renovating and/or dehumidifying plasterwork.

Premixed rapid-setting cement mortar for extra-fast jobs.

Pre-mixed mortar based on special binders for smooth finishes to renovating, dehumidifying and/or traditional plasterwork.

Highly breathable and water-repellent silicone paint for painting renovating and/or dehumidifying systems.

Low elastic modulus neutral-curing silicone sealant with outstanding ageing resistance for sealing façade joints.

Multi-purpose polyurethane foam specifically designed for mounting doors and windows and suitable for fixing plumbing and electrical materials, as well as cladding and isolation of cavities and voids.

Polyurethane construction foam tested for edge-ground block and brick laying, aerated concrete and other edge-ground elements.

Neutral-curing silicone sealant with high resistance to fire, certified for sealings subject to fire regulations up to class EI 240.

Polyurethane foam with high resistance to fire for use in situations subject to fire regulations up to class EI 120.

Acrylic polymer-based sealant, certified for sealings subject to fire regulations up to class EI 240.

Neutral-curing silicone sealant specifically designed for elastic bonding of mirrors.

Rough-effect acrylic sealant, overpaintable.

Refractory putty for crack-filling in situations exposed to open flame and temperatures up to 1000°C.

Plasto-elastic acrylic overpaintable sealant for joints with movement of up to 5%.

Acrylic polymer-based sealant, rapid, high-performance, overpaintable, for sealing with maximum deformation up to 15%.

Solvent for removing polyurethane foam while it is still fresh and for cleaning PU foam guns.


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