One-component, high strength pre-mixed liquid mortar, with fast setting and hardening, for installing manhole covers, localised repairs of industrial floors and repair of concrete

Imporoved cementitious tile adhesive for medium size porcelain and glazed tiles.


Flexible | For heating floors


Improved cementitious tile adhesive for medium/small sized porcelain and glazed tiles.


Flexible | For heating floors


Cement based powder grout, single component, flexible and waterproof, classified as CG2 WA in compliance with EN 13888, for filling joints 2 to 15 mm wide.


Cement-based powder grout, classified as CG2 WA to EN 13888, for rigid filling of joints up to 8 mm.


• Waterproof


Aqueous-dispersion acrylic-based liquid waterproofing membrane.

Premixed thixotropic cement mortar for the structural renovation of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Low elastic modulus neutral-curing silicone sealant with outstanding ageing resistance for sealing façade joints.

Neutral-curing silicone sealant with high shore hardness and resistance to stress from pedestrian traffic, cars and trucks.

Neutral-curing silicone sealant specifically designed for marble and natural stone without the risk of haloing or staining.

Single component, elastic and fibre-reinforced, cement polymer waterproofing membrane. Resistant to UV light. Certified for contact with drinking water.

Two-component cementitious waterproofing coating, flexibilised and fibre-reinforced . Resistant to UV light.

Single-component waterproofing cement mortar, fibre-reinforced and flexibilised. Resistant to UV light.

Flexibilising additive for Antol Aquaproof and cementitious adhesives.

Deformable cementitious adhesive for porcelain and glazed stoneware.

Flexibilised high-strength cementitious adhesive for porcelain and glazed stoneware.

High-strength deformable cementitious adhesive for marble and natural stone.

Flexibilised cementitious adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles.

Fast-setting cementitious adhesive for overlaying applications.

High-strength flexibilised cementitious adhesive for thick applications in large format.

High strength cement filler for grouting ceramic tiles.

Premixed quartz coating for protecting industrial floors.

Cementitious adhesive for fixing absorbent ceramic tiles.

Cementitious flexibilised waterproof adhesive.

High-strength flexibilised self-wetting cementitious adhesive for thick applications in large format.

Acid detergent for ceramic tiles.

Special resin-based additive, modifier for cements and hydraulic limes serving as setting adhesive.

Super-fluidifying and waterproofing admixture for concrete.

Chloride-free antifreeze liquid additive for reinforced and regular concrete.


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