Fast Screed

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Pre-mixed, fast setting and hardening cementitious mortar for floating or adherent screeds.

Internal and external use | Ideal for heating floors


Fast Screed is pre-mixed cementitious mortar consisting of hydraulic binders, additives and selected aggregates, featuring semi-rapid drying and setting. Apply at a damp soil consistency. Can be used for new constructions and for repair work, to make screeds to prepare, level and/or construct flooring inclinations before laying ceramic tiles and/or marble, natural stone and artificial stone, wood and parquets, PVC, linoleum, resin flooring, water-proofing system, etc.



∙  From 25 to 40 mm for screeds bonded to the base

∙  From 40 to 80 mm for unbonded screeds

∙  From 50 to 80 mm for screeds floating on a layer of acoustic/thermal insulation

∙  ≥ 40 mm above underfloor heating coils

Fast Screed can be used in a thickness of up to 30 cm to fill cavities.



Class CT C30 F6 rated according to EN 13813.


Approx. 18 kg/m² of product for a 1 cm thick screed.



25kg valve bag


In any case, for correct use of the material it is essential to follow the instructions on the technical data sheet carefully.

Technical Specifications: 
Mixing water
6,5 % approx. 1,6 l per 25 kg bag
0 - 4 mm
Application temperature
from +5 °C to +30 °C
approx. 18 kg/m²/cm
Compression strength
(1 day) approx. 20 MPa
Compression strength
(4 days) approx. 24 MPa
Compression strength
(28 days) ≥ 30 MPa
Bending strength
(28 days) ≥ 6 MPa
Fire reaction
(EN 13501-1) A1fl
Product Variants: 
Product PropertyProduct CodeProduct Barcode
25 kg
Area of Application: 

Fast Screed