Multifinish on

Fiber-reinforced, cementitious mineral mortar for repairing and finishing various types of surfaces, up to 10 mm thickness.


Thixotropic | High adesion | Excellent finishing result


Multifinish is a white mineral rendering and plastering mortar with excellent quality of finishing. The product is formulated with special hydraulic binders, graded aggregates, synthetic resins, fibres and special additives. The new mineral mortar, single component, fibre-reinforced and thixotropic, for internal or external use, is specially designed for rendering, plastering and levelling to a maximum thickness of 10 mm. The mortar has a high breathability and offers an excellent workability.


Its special formulation delivers excellent adhesive strength and compatibility with a whole range of different substrates.



• Excellent workability

• Excellent thixotropic properties

• Excellent quality of finish

• High breathability

• Low capillary absorption

• Extreme white

• Application thicknesses up to 10 mm



Rendering, plastering and levelling - for internal or external and vertical or horizontal use on new and old substrates for finishing and repairing.



Compatibility with a whole range of different substrates: concrete, cementitious, cement-lime-sand and lime render/plaster, old wall paint - provided it is sound and perfectly attached to the substrate - old external wall insulation textured coatings/renders, cellular concrete blocks, plasterboard, old ceramic mosaic.



C, MC and IR principles according to EN 1504-2

GP CS IV-W1 according to EN 998-1



Never mix with other binders, do not use mixture when it has already started setting and not apply when temperatures are below +5 °C or over +35 °C.

When restoring painted facades, the product has to be used only if the paintwork is strong and well anchored to the substrate.



In any case, for correct use of the material it is essential to follow the instructions on the technical data sheet carefully.

Technical Specifications: 
Mixing water
approx. 25%
Mix pot life
approx. 5 hours
Setting time (start/finish)
9/11 hours
Application temperature
+5 °C to +35 °C
Compression strength
10 MPa
Bending strength
4,5 MPa
Adhesion on concrete
1,4 MPa
Capillary absorption
0,25 - categroy W1
Permeability to water vapour
Operating temperature
-20 °C to +90 °C
Attainable thickness
1-10 mm
1,3 kg/m² per mm of thickness
12 months
25 kg
Product Variants: 
Product PropertyProduct CodeProduct Barcode
white 25 kg
Area of Application: