Conservative restoration of a school in Urbino

A year ago, in the suburbs of Urbino, some distance from the historic centre, restoration work was completed on the "Scuola del Libro", a fair-faced concrete building designed in the 1970s by the architect, Giancarlo De Carlo. The structure is made of reinforced concrete walls, the roofing is partly flat, with reinforced concrete floors, and partly sloping, with a lattice structure with metal rods and corrugated metal surfaces and glass (shed). It is made up of five storeys above ground plus a basement.

In 2007, as the cracking due to the carbonatation of the concrete was worsening, the provincial government approved the executive project for the conservative restoration and safety of the building.

Given that the project needed to deal with a wide range of issues, the restoration was carried out using the Antol Cls System product range specifically designed for restoring regular and reinforced concrete.