Restoration and surface treatment of high-altitude reservoirs

Patch and surface repair of reinforced concrete at two reservoirs belonging to Società Cooperativa Elettrica Gomion located above Stulles at an altitude of 1,750 meters in the Passeiertal near Bolzano.
The old reservoir was suffering from heavy erosion of the concrete surface caused by the extremely soft water, typical of reservoirs collecting glacier melt-waters.
These waters dissolve and wash away calcium hydroxide, which is slightly soluble in water, and which is found in concrete, leaving behind voids that make the concrete more permeable, thus weakening the structure and exposing it to further weathering.
The reinforced concrete was restored using Antol Cls Ferri 1K , Antol Cls Kosmetic and Antol Cls Monorasante. The surface was protected by applying the following products: Antol Aquaproof and Emulsione Epossidica 723.