Restoring a pedestrian walkway in Savona

The bridge, which crosses Savona’s Letimbro river and connects Corso Generale Agostino Ricci to Via Acqui, was showing serious signs of deterioration on the surface of the soffit. The damage had been caused mainly by carbonatation and by erosion due to high river levels, and had begun to affect the reinforced steel bars of the stand.

Before beginning to restore the reinforced concrete, the whole structure underwent thorough mechanical cleaning in order to detach any loose concrete and to ensure an optimal fit between the old concrete substrate and the new applications.

The logistics of the site made it impossible to treat it mechanically by sandblasting. A mechanical cleaning was therefore carried out using small hydraulic breakers and angle grinders fitted with wire brushes. Any residual dust from the work was then removed using a pressure washer.
After preparing the bridge, one cycle of Antol CLS System was used for the restoration of the reinforced concrete.