Polyurethane Foams

Our Polyurethane foams are suitable for a wide range of applications in the building industry, such as fixing doors and windows, filling cavities or gluing blocks in the construction industry, and many more. You can choose between a wide range of Torggler foams that meet your needs and allow you to work best at any given point.

Window & Door

Polyurethane foam for installing counterframes and sealing window/doorframes.
EC1 Plus B2 - DIN4102

High Tack

Polyurethane adhesive specific for bonding ground blocks, laying thermal insulation panels and fixing junction boxes and electrical installations.
B2 - DIN4102


Polyurethane foam with extended open time, reduced post-expansion, and high tear resistance.
B2 - DIN4102

Fire Resistant

Polyurethane foam with high fire resistance for sealing and filling linear joints in situations subject to fire regulations up to class EI 120.
EC1 Plus B1 - DIN 4102 EI 120 - EN13501-2


Specific polyurethane adhesive for waterproof sealing, also under pressure, of hydraulic elements such as manholes, elevations, rings, tanks, reservoirs, pipes, channels and raceways, both of cement and polymeric matrix.
B2 - DIN4102


Multi-purpose polyurethane foam for filling and backfilling interstices and cavities, for pipes insulation and fixing.

Ekor C 2.0

Highly adhesive polyurethane foam for laying roof tiles.
EC1 Plus

Ekor M 2.0

Multifunctional polyurethane foam for thermo-insulating filling and bonding in building, industrial, plant engineering.
EC1 Plus

Ekor F 2.0

Elastic polyurethane foam for the assembly of counterframes and frames of wooden, PVC or aluminium windows/doors.
EC1 Plus