Anchoring and Mounting

Espansol Ancor

Pre-mixed, fluid, self-levelling cementitious mortar for anchoring and precise grouting works.
R4PCC_EN1504-3 EN1504-6
  • Fluid
  • Extremely high resistance
  • Limited expansion
  • Non-shrinking

Espansol Ancor is super-fluid, non shrinking, pre-mixed mortar with a very high initial and final mechanical resistance. It is especially suitable for anchorage and placement applications. Highly fluid with controlled expansion ensure that this mortar can fill all gaps perfectly and has a high adhesive power. Although the mortar is fluid, its components are strongly cohesive and do not tend to separate. It does not contain metallic aggregates, chloride aggregates or aluminium cements. Espansol Ancor conforms to the specifications of EN 1504-6 for mortars for anchoring reinforcing steel. It can also be used as a R4 type hydraulic mortar (PCC) for the structural repair of concrete structures as per the standard EN 1504-3.
When used as a structural repair mortar as per EN 1504-3, the field of application of Espansol Ancor conforms to the principles 3 (Concrete restoration), 4 (Structural strengthening) and 7 (Preserving or restoring passivity) of EN 1504-9 using the following methods 3.1 (Applying mortar by hand), 4.4 (Adding mortar or concrete) and 7.1 (Increasing cover to reinforcement with additional cementitious mortar or concrete).

Precision anchorage and placement:

  • Foundation and support plates.
  • Heavy machinery such as turbines, generators, compressors, mill wheels, presses and rolling mills.
  • Equipment for the textile, paper-making, printing and petro-chemical industries.
  • Crane foundations and overhead crane rails.
  • Steel and reinforced concrete columns.
  • Pins, cramps and tie rods.
  • Metal structures subject to high dynamic stresses.
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6032 bag 25 kg 54 bags 8030334060328
Technical datasheet [pdf]