Polyurethane Foams


Polyurethane foam with extended open time, reduced post-expansion, and high tear resistance.
  • Up to 10 m2 area of laid tiles
  • Waterproof
  • High tear resistance
  • Wind-resistant
  • Long open time

Coppi  is a single-component polyurethane foam in an aerosol. Its special formula, characterised by a low level of subsequent expansion of the foam, long open times, a compact cellular structure and high resistance to tears, make it ideal for gluing roof tiles. The long open times guarantee excellent adhesion on both sides of the tile while the low level of subsequent expansion of the foam prevents undesired raising of the tiles and waste of material due to sideways seepage. The high resistance to tears guarantees excellent  sealing of the assembled materials over time. The hardened foam may be cut, holed, sanded, painted and plastered. It adheres firmly to wood, concrete, tile, asbestos cement, metal, glass and various plastics with the exception of polyethylene, Teflon and silicon. It also has high resistance to water, detergents, microorganisms and chemical agents. Fire reaction class: B2 as per DIN 4102-1. The special formulation of Coppi makes it very suitable for bonding applications, but at the same time Coppi reduces its suitability for applications where more attention is paid to the speed of curing and the volume obtained. For these applications we recommend the use of Window & Door or C 2.0.

  • Bonding of roof tiles and pantiles
  • Bonding of breathable roofing membranes
  • Perimeter insulation of roof windows
Color Code Application Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
Brick red
6909 Gun application can 12x750 ml 42 cardboards 8030334069093
Brick red
6427 Manual application can 12x750 ml 42 cardboards 8030334064272