Acetic life

Fossil-free acetic silicone sealant with low modulus of elasticity, mould resistant.
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  • Eco-friendly formulation
  • Certified according to environmental sustainability criteria
  • Very low emission of volatile organic compounds
  • Waterproof and UV resistant, for indoor and outdoor applications

Aceticlife is a very pure acetic cross-linking silicone sealant, based on raw materials from natural sources and certified according to environmental sustainability criteria. It hardens very quickly by reaction with air humidity. The presence, in the formulation, of an antimicrobial and anti-algae agent, makes it suitable for use in air conditioning systems and in health facilities: the product is resistant to boiling water and washing with chemically aggressive detergents, thus contributing to the hygiene of surfaces. Its fast hardening and high adhesion features make it suitable for sealing and static bonding of glass and ceramic elements in various applications: windows, glazing, glass cement, profiled glass, artistic objects, solar collectors, enamelled and porcelain surfaces. It is not compatible with porous or alkaline surfaces such as marble, concrete, fibre cement or mortar, as the acetic acid released during vulcanization could attack them. Contact with metals such as copper, zinc, lead or brass leads to corrosion. If used on materials of doubtful nature, use Primer Silicone. Because of its low modulus of elasticity, it is suitable for the elastic sealing of expansion joints with a maximum working elongation of 25%. Its resistance to ageing is superior to any other non-silicone resin-based sealant: it guarantees high resistance to UV rays, atmospheric agents, stagnant water and mould; it does not crumble, does not reduce its initial volume and maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures.

Aceticlife is ideal for working with maximum safety and professionalism while respecting the environment, protecting our health and preserving present and future energy resources. Acetic is an acetic silicone sealant resistant to mould for the creation of expansion joints in façades, in window/door frames, glazing and health facilities. It is ideal for:
• sealing on façades and the building envelope in general, indoors and outdoors, preferably on non-absorbent, smooth and glassy substrates;
• sealing between glass and window frames (metal, pre-painted, wooden or plastic);
• waterproof and resistant to mould, sealing of joints in bathrooms (baths, shower cubicles, sinks) and SPA areas.

Its characteristics allow the sealing to absorb the movements transmitted by atmospheric, vibrational and mechanical stresses. Acetic elastically connects the sides of the joint, absorbing, without detachment, the movement of the adjacent construction elements, originating from differential thermo-hygrometric expansion or settlement. It therefore guarantees a perfect seal over time to water and air, reducing heat loss, water infiltration and preventing the formation of mould.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8179 cartridge 24x310 ml 60 cardboards 8030334081798
8180 cartridge 24x310 ml 60 cardboards 8030334081804
8181 cartridge 24x310 ml 60 cardboards 8030334081811
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