Interior Wall

Colourless protective silane-siloxane water repellent for walls and façades.

Solvent-based protective bituminous paint.

Silane-siloxane water repellent in water-based emulsion for walls and façades.

Fast-setting cementitious adhesive for overlaying applications.

High-strength flexibilised cementitious adhesive for thick applications in large format.

Cementitious adhesive for bonding and smoothing insulation panels.

Dispersion adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles, ready to use.

Cementitious adhesive resin for bonding insulation panels.

Cementitious resin grouting for bonding insulation panels.

Cementitious adhesive for bonding insulation panels.

Stucco cementizio per la rasatura di pannelli isolanti.

Cementitious adhesive for fixing absorbent ceramic tiles.

Special resin-based additive, modifier for cements and hydraulic limes serving as setting adhesive.

Plasticizing additive for cement mortars, lime and cement-lime mortars.

Water-repellent additive for mortar and concrete, consisting of hydrophobic organic agents.

Chloride-free antifreeze liquid additive for non-reinforced concretes and mortars.

Accelerator and waterproofing admixture for mortars and concrete.

Expansive additive for mortar and concrete.


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