The main causes of deterioration of plasters and masonry are in most cases due to ascending moisture and infiltration humidity. In both cases, water penetrates the masonry and carries the salts dissolved in it. With this in mind, Torggler has developed products with very high levels of performance in order to solve even the most critical moisture problems and guarantee their long-term effectiveness.


Fibre-reinforced, cementitious mineral mortar for repairing and finishing various types of surfaces, up to 10 mm thickness.
EC1 Plus GP CSIV W1 - EN998-1 C MC IR - EN1504-2


Pre-mixed and fibre-reinforced mortar for restoration work and levelling, in thickness from 3 to 30 mm.
GM GP CSII W0 - EN998-1


Very fine cement mortar for grouting and smoothing cement elements.

Ekor GP 100

Ready to use putty paste for indoor use ideal for skimming of masonry or plasterboard surfaces, suitable for the treatment of walls and ceilings made of gypsum, concrete or plaster or cement-lime mortars even in its raw state.