Paints and coatings

Primer VIP

Universal pigmented primer with high filling and masking power, suitable for application of paste coatings on plasters, reinforced skim coats and eTics systems.


Highly penetrating water-based levelling and consolidating fixative.

Skin Siloxan

1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 mm siloxane-fibre-reinforced coating with a skimmed appearance.

Skin Acryl

Acrylic protective coating with compacted skim effect.

Skin Acriloxan

Fibre-reinforced acryl-siloxane coating with compacted skim coat effect.

Finish Acryl

Quartz-based acrylic paint for exterior wall surfaces with high filling power. Water-repellent, contains special anti-algae and anti-mould protective film.