Improvement is our standard.

Since our foundation in Merano in 1865, we have worked with a clear and precise objective: to constantly improve our offer and product range.

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Our company has followed a path of quality that has taught us how it is always possible to make the best, even when high levels of performance have already been achieved. For this reason, today, the Torggler Group is synonymous with professionalism, a note that distinguishes us as a national and international manufacturer of solutions for all building professionals.

Torggler equals passion!
We strive for high quality products,
for innovation and for the best possible cooperation
with our partners!

Benno Pamer - CEO

Constant research and development of our products has led us to where we stand today: for this reason we can say that experience has always been an added value of what we offer.

We can proudly say that the development of our products has been positively influenced by many years of research and experience.

This is why, on the threshold of a new decade, we are implementing a high rate of digitization in our strategies and production. Only in this way we will be ready to look to the future with the same passion and confidence as ever.



Our success is not taken for granted but is achieved through curiosity, availability, reliability and transparency.
As a family business with a long tradition, we react dynamically to changes, but we have internalised our values and live them anew every day.


Welcome to our business.

Marlengo, Rieti, Zgierz, Oberhaching.

We are a group based in Italy, Poland and Germany, this is because we strongly believe in internationalization, collaboration and free transfer of ideas and talents.

Because it is only by looking beyond that that we can really grow, as a company and as individuals.


We are…

… reliable. Through a fast and personalised service we are able to offer tailored solutions, professional formation and focus on details.


WE want to be…

… a certainty for our customers through a fast and personalized service, able to offer targeted solutions, professional training and attention to detail.



… a reality that offers the possibility to grow and develop in a professional way, through daily experience. We are always interested in meeting open-minded people, curious and ready to reach new goals together.