Sealants and Adhesives

The world of sealants includes many fields of application. However, the primary function of a sealant is to adhere to the two surfaces of a joint and prevent the passage of fluids while still allowing a flexible movement of the two parts. Our product range includes silicone-, acrylic- and hybrid-sealants.


Neutral curing silicone sealant specifically for tin roofing works.


Neutral curing silicone sealant with anti-mould agent and low modulus of elasticity.
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Marble & Stone

Neutral curing silicone sealant with low modulus of elasticity for marble and natural stone.


Transparent, neutral-curing silicone sealant for corner joints and glass.
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Neutral curig silicone sealant for floor applications.


Neutral cured silicone sealant for polycarbonate elements.
EC1plus_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1G-CC_20LM_EN15651-2

Window Pro

Neutral curing silicone sealant with low modulus of elasticitiy for sealing double-glazing and coupled windows.


Neutral curing single-component silicone sealant for the installation and sealing of connection and expansion joints between frames and walls.
EC1_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1G-CC_25LM_EN15651-2


Silicone sealant with a very low modulus of elasticity specifically for weather sealing an rear-ventilated facades and perimeter sealing of glass in the marine industry.
EC1_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1G-CC_25LM_EN15651-2

Acetic Professional

Acetic curing silicone sealant, resistant to moulds for door and window frames and sanitary use.
EC1plus_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1XS1_EN15651-3G-CC_25LM_EN15651-2

Acetic Standard

Acetic curing silicone sealant with anti-mould agent for sanitary use and facades.

Acetic Fast

Silicone sealant with acetic curing, transparent, very fast hardening.
EC1plus_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1XS1_EN15651-3G-CC_25LM_EN15651-2

AC 2.0

Single-component silicone sealant with acetic cross-linking for bonding and elastic sealing of expansion joints with a maximum working elongation of 25%. The hardening takes place by reaction with atmospheric humidity. Mould resistant formulation.