Sealants and Adhesives

Acetic Standard

Acetic curing silicone sealant with anti-mould agent for sanitary use and facades.
EC1_(GB)_black_ XS1_EN15651-3 G-CC_20LM_EN15651-2 F-EXT_INT-CC_12-5E_EN15651-1
  • Fast curing
  • High resistant to UV-rays
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • 10 colours in combination with Tile Grout

Silicone Acetic Standard is suitable for most substrates commonly found in construction sites. It hardens very rapidly and is exceptionally resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The presence of an antimicrobial agent and an algae inhibitor in the formulation makes it suitable for sanitary environments too: the product is resistant to boiling water and washing with chemically-aggressive detergents, thus contributing to surface hygiene. Its excellent adhesive and high elasticity properties, make it suitable for outdoor use as well as a suitable sealant for the perimetral connetion joints between the window and wall. Due to its low elastic modulus product can be used also for joints of facade elements. It has excellent adhesion even without Primer Silicon on glass, stoneware or glazed surfaces and has good adhesion to the majority of non-porous substrates. Acetic Standard is classified F-EXT/INT-CC in compliance with EN 15651-1, and XS type in compliance with EN 15651-3.

The very fast curing and high elastic modulus make Acetic Standard suitable for sealing and static of gluing glass in different applications: windows, glass panels, reinforced concrete and glass tiles, structural glazing, decorative items, solar panels, bathroom fittings (tub, shower box, washbasin). It is also suitable for the elastic sealing of window perimeter joints. It can also be used for domestic appliances. It is unsuitable for porous or alkaline surfaces such as marble, concrete, asbestos cement or mortar because the acetic acid could attack them during the vulcanisation. The contact with metals such as copper, zinc, lead or brass leads to their corrosion.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
Cement grey 7032
8105 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081057
8110 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081101
Black 9005
8004 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334080043
8001 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334080012
White 9010
8003 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334080036
Manhattan 7035
8103 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081033
Pearl grey 7040
8104 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081040
Grey 7030
8106 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081064
Anthracite 7022
8107 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081071
Brown 1019
8112 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334081125