Thermal Insulation

A well-insulated building ensures pleasantly warm temperatures in winter and protects against heat in summer. The indoor climate is balanced throughout the year, without major temperature fluctuations. Torggler’s thermal insulation systems fulfil all these needs in the beste ways possible.

Net T4

Type E alkali-resistant, fine-mesh type glass fibre net with spacing of 4.0 x 4.5 mm, with a basis weight of 150 gr/muniversally applicable.

Net EKOR A150

EKOR A150 is an alkali-resistant reinforcing mesh for thermal insulation systems, coatings and the Wall Remedy System.

Mesh corner angle

Perforated PVC corner protector bar with fibreglass mesh specific for corners on external thermal insulation systems.

Corner bead roll

Corner roll profile for variable angle creation with fibreglass mesh for thermal insulation systems.

Window connection profile 3D-PRO

Heavy-duty rainproof profile for plaster connections to windows, doors and similar construction elements with stress-relieving function in three 3D dimensions, protective lip and expanding seal.

Clip on profile

Connection profile for aluminium starter profile, with hidden drip ledge.

PVC basic baseboard profile

PVC starter profile, L-shaped, for thermal insulation system with thickness up to 240 mm in combination with the insertion profile.

PVC baseboard profile

PVC insertion profile in combination with starter profiles L55, L100, L160, hermetically seals and completes the starting point of ETICS systems, with hidden drip ledge.

Drip edge profile

PVC corner profile with fibreglass mesh for making drip ledges on balconies, ledges, window lintels, horizontal edges.

Plaster stop profile

End profile with mesh for perfect closure of façade coatings. It can be used on ETICS or reinforced skim coats up to 3 or 6 mm.

Sheet metal connection profile

Connecting profile for flashings, adjustable, it guarantees a watertight seal and perfect aesthetics thanks to the hidden drip ledge.

Movement joint profile

Vertical expansion profile with protective tape and flexible band to ensure the aesthetic safety on façades of possible minor stresses on non-structural construction elements.

Movement joint profile horizontal Profi PU

Horizontal expansion profile with integrated PE sealing tape to ensure a watertight seal, small movements and compressive stress of the joint located in the transition zone between two structures, e.g. between a solid and a lightweight construction.

Reveal corner angle for windows

Preformed three-dimensional reinforcement mesh for reinforcing the inside corners of window and door soffits on ETICS systems.

Rustication mesh

Rusticated mesh for longitudinal reinforcement in the grooves of eTics systems.

PVC mesh corner bead

PVC corner protection profile with fibreglass mesh for thermal insulation systems.

Window reveal element Lai-Sys

Window reveal element Lai-Sys made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for accommodating window and door reveals in thermal insultation systems.

Window lintel element Lai-Sys

Window lintel element Lai-Sys made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for accommodating window and door reveals in thermal insultation systems.