Sealants and Adhesives

The world of sealants includes many fields of application. However, the primary function of a sealant is to adhere to the two surfaces of a joint and prevent the passage of fluids while still allowing a flexible movement of the two parts. Our product range includes silicone-, acrylic- and hybrid-sealants.

Tack PU

Single-component, fast-setting polyurethane adhesive with maximum strength for joining corners with brackets on aluminium systems. Also suitable for applications in the marine industry.

PU HM Edilia

High performance polyurethane adhesive/sealer for façades and floors.


Refractory mastic for grouting in situations exposed to temperatures up to 1000 °C.

Bitumen Seal

Ready-to-use, single-component elasto-plastic adhesive-sealant, based on bituminous polymers in solvent, specific for bonding and sealing various types of substrates, even the wet ones.

® Meta 45>Sitol® Meta 45

A two-component, methacrylate-based structural adhesive with excellent thixotropic properties that enable the creation of vertical lines without dripping and medium curing time.


Neutral smoothing agent based on amphoteric surfactants in aqueous solution, for professional surface finishing of connection joints and expansion joints made with silicone, acrylic and hybrid sealants.