It's the spirit that drives innovation.

We, as a manufacturer of technical products, are pleased to have an advanced r&d team that allows us to position ourselves among the best companies in this sector – be it in Italy or in Europe as a whole.

What strives us?

The urge to constantly improve our products. An enthusiastic research team is dedicated to the constant improvement of quality and the development of new products.

Ideation is not forgotten. Subsequent prototyping allows us to test the products and respond to specific customer requirements. This is the only way to bring innovative and high quality products to the market.

Let's be precise.

We are ISO 9001 certified and can carry out the necessary regular analyses completely with our own resources.

In addition to a quality control laboratory in Rieti and Zgierz, we have several laboratories at our Merano site, which are equipped with a wide range of research instruments. These are equipped with test blenders, devices for determining mechanical parameters of cement products and sealants according to current standards and for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Material development and the subsequent scale-up from laboratory to production scale takes place across all locations in close cooperation between employees from all disciplines – product management, laboratory, production, purchasing and sales.

Of course, this interdisciplinary approach does not exclude the client: For us, it is a priority to work closely with our clients in order to offer a successful product and tailor-made solutions.


Do you want to be a part of our research team?

With our well-trained staff we are constantly developing new products, improving existing ones and adapting our formulations.

It is of the highest priority for us to train our technical staff regularly in order to develop new products and to ensure a constant improvement of the products offered.

Let us know what makes you to an outstanding researcher!