The decision to take an active interest in the problems of the industry and to provide solutions enables us to produce the best possible products. Specific product ranges that are the result of continuous research and technological development, dedicated to the work and needs of professionals.

Sealants and Adhesives

This is the product line dedicated to elastic sealing for home and industrial use.
For joints and/or connections in light and heavy prefabrication, doors and window frames, plumbing, etc.

Primers for Sealants and Adhesives Silicone Sealants and Adhesives Acrylic Sealants and Adhesives Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives Special Products Accessories for Sealants and Adhesives

Polyurethane Foams

A complete and high quality range of specially formulated foams to guarantee efficient fixing, filling and insulation in various applications.
Excellent adhesion to various materials: concrete, masonry, natural stone, plaster, wood, porous substrates in general, metal and plastic.

Polyurethane Adhesives Polyurethane Foams Accessories for Polyurethane Foams


In a constant search for the best sealing solutions, Torggler has developed a range of waterproofing products of outstanding quality.

Primers for Waterproofers Cementitious Waterproofers Polymeric Waterproofers Polyurethane Waterproofers Bituminous Waterproofers Accessories for Waterproofing


Screeds, levelling compounds and bedding material for the realisation of different types of floors in industrial or residential buildings.

Tiles and Natural Stone Installation

Torggler offers ready-to-use systems for laying floors, tiles and parquet. These systems are designed to meet the physical and technical requirements of both indoor and outdoor installation.

Primers and Detergents Tile Adhesives Tile Grouts

Concrete Restoration

With our concrete restoration systems we offer you individual solutions for concrete repair, corrosion protection and the repair of facades.

Pretreatments Cementitious Mortars Paints

Anchoring and Mounting

The overall safety of the anchoring system is decisive for well performed work. Therefore, from a performance point of view, our anchoring systems deliver what they promise.

Chemical Anchors Epoxy Adhesives Cementitious Mortars Accessories


The system offers a simple solution for the renovation and restoration of masonry, indoors and outdoors, consisting of 5 application phases.

Surface Preparation Cementitious Dehumidification Mortars Dehumidification Finishing Mortars Renovation with Calcium Silicate Panels Finishing Mortars for Facades and Walls

Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation of a building is of great importance to ensure a healthy indoor climate and thus a high quality of life.

Adhesives Insulation Panels Mechanical Mounting Accessories and System Components Components for Air and Water Tightness Installation items


Concrete reconstruction requires the use of high performance mixtures of innovative products combined with a high degree of experience and technical know-how. For over fifty years Torggler has been providing solutions in the field of concrete technology and additives are an important part of this.


For the application of our technically high-quality products and systems, you also need the correct accessories. Here you will find among other products guns for PU foam cans, cartridges, foil bags and the necessary auxiliarie.