The decision to actively address the problems of the construction industry and to deliver solutions, enables us to manufacture optimized products, as well as entire system solutions.

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The world of sealants includes many fields of application. However, the primary function of a sealant is to adhere to the two surfaces of a joint and prevent the passage of fluids while still allowing a flexible movement of the two parts. Our product range includes silicone-, acrylic- and hybrid-sealants.

Polyurethane Foams

Our Polyurethane foams are suitable for a wide range of applications in the building industry, such as fixing doors and windows, filling cavities or gluing blocks in the construction industry, and many more. You can choose between a wide range of Torggler foams that meet your needs and allow you to work best at any given point.


Our waterproofers prevent damage from moisture – because a simple silicone joint does not replace a complete waterproofing. Be it in the sanitary area as well as on the roof or in the basement. Our products help your building to stay dry, because in the worst case, moisture can lead to permanent damage.

Tiles and Natural Stone Installation

With many years of experience in developing the highest quality adhesives for tile and natural stone installation, Torggler is a reference point in the construction of your flooring system. The wide range of products for bonding and sealing, which comply with European standards, offers guaranteed durability and flexibility to ensure the system’s resistance to abrasion and long-term protection.


Screeds, levelling compounds and bedding material for the realisation of different types of floors in industrial or residential buildings.

Parquet and Synthetic Floor Installation

The new productrange of adhesives allows specific, professional and high performance laying of wood, PVC and linoleum flooring for residential, commercial and industrial use. The Power Glue line consists of low-emission adhesives with excellent adhesion of the flooring to the substrate and the ability to absorb deformation and mechanical stress.

Concrete Restoration

In the recent years there has been increasing interest in the field of concrete restoration, resulting in strict regulations. The European reference norm EN 1504 defines the methods and properties of the products used for the repair and protection of concrete structures. Torggler’s products comply with the European standard and are therefore ideal for the professional repair of concrete.

Anchoring and Mounting

Reliability, innovation and responsibility are the hallmarks of Torggler products. These three values are also reflected in our anchoring and fixing systems combined with long-term performance. Our products cover a wide range of applications, from the simplest and most practical to the most technically demanding, in order to meet all specific requirements.


The main causes of deterioration of plasters and masonry are in most cases due to ascending moisture and infiltration humidity. In both cases, water penetrates the masonry and carries the salts dissolved in it. With this in mind, Torggler has developed products with very high levels of performance in order to solve even the most critical moisture problems and guarantee their long-term effectiveness.

Thermal Insulation

A well-insulated building ensures pleasantly warm temperatures in winter and protects against heat in summer. The indoor climate is balanced throughout the year, without major temperature fluctuations. Torggler’s thermal insulation systems fulfil all these needs in the beste ways possible.


Concrete reconstruction requires the use of high performance mixtures of innovative products combined with a high degree of experience and technical know-how. For over fifty years Torggler has been providing solutions in the field of concrete technology and additives are an important part of this.


For the application of our technically high-quality products and systems, you also need the correct accessories. Here you will find among other products guns for PU foam cans, cartridges, foil bags and the necessary auxiliarie.