Sealants and Adhesives

AC 2.0

Single-component silicone sealant with acetic cross-linking for bonding and elastic sealing of expansion joints with a maximum working elongation of 25%. The hardening takes place by reaction with atmospheric humidity. Mould resistant formulation.

Creation of joints between construction elements, either vertical and horizontal, indoors and outdoors and in damp environments. Elastic bonding of different elements, with non-porous surface, in industry in general. Once hardened, it guarantees high resistance to UV rays, weather, water stagnation, extreme temperatures, microbial growth and ageing. Excellent adhesion on smooth and non-absorbent substrates: glass, ceramic tiles, glazed surfaces, rigid plastic materials, anodized aluminium, some metals. It does not crumble, does not reduce its initial volume and maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures without stressing the sides of the joint.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8030 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334080302
White 9010
8031 cartridge 24x280 ml 64 cardboards 8030334080319