Paints and coatings


Highly penetrating water-based levelling and consolidating fixative.

Consolida is a uniforming and consolidating fixative for indoor and outdoor wall surfaces based on acrylic resins in micro-emulsion:

  • Alkali-resistant;
  • High penetrating power on mineral substrates;
  • Particularly suitable for deep consolidation of indoor surfaces where it is not possible to use solvent-based primers;
  • Suitable for use on cementitious mortar, cement-lime mortar or equivalent, gypsum plaster for interiors, prefabricated cementitious elements, surfaces already treated with paints or coatings;
  • Pinkish transparent;


  • New, cured, homogeneous, civil-finished wall surfaces;
  • Cementitious, cement-lime mortar, skim plastered, already painted wall surfaces;
Color Code Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8193 20 l 33 canisters 8030334081934