Our waterproofers prevent damage from moisture – because a simple silicone joint does not replace a complete waterproofing. Be it in the sanitary area as well as on the roof or in the basement. Our products help your building to stay dry, because in the worst case, moisture can lead to permanent damage.

Asfredol 1000

Cold asphalt, composed of an anionic bituminous emulsion, free of organic solvents, for waterproofing and surface protection of porous surfaces, both wet and dry.

Asfredol 2000

Cold asphalt modified with polymer composed of a special bituminous emulsion based on special emulsifying agents and synthetics resins without organic solvents, suitable for mixing with sand and cement.

Sitol A

Bituminous, waterproofing and anti-corrosion paint.

Black Hydro Easy

Multipurpose bituminous liquid thixotropic waterproofer composed of inert fillers, elastomeric resins and additives.
C PI MC IR - EN1504-2

Black Hydro Light

Elastomeric bituminous waterproofer lightened with rubber granules for waterproofing horizontal and vertical concrete and brick surfaces.
C PI MC IR - EN1504-2

Black Hydro Spray

Solvent-based bituminous waterproofing protective sealant in spray can, suitable on any type of substrate.

Ekor BW 200

Liquid bituminous elastomeric waterproofer based on water containing bitumen, inert fillers, elastomeric resins, additives.

Ekor BW 100

Liquid bituminous elastomeric waterproofer containing bitumen, solvents, inert fillers, elastomeric resins, plasticizers, additives.