Thermal Insulation

Ekomix Panel Wool – P

Mineral wool insulation panels with double thickness for thermal insulation, soundproofing and fire protection, especially for thermal insulation composite systems. Manufactured in accordance with the required environmental criteria.
  • Soundproofing properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Fire protection

Ekomix Panel Wool-P is a rigid insulation panel made of mineral wool, ideal for the construction of energy-efficient building envelopes. The lightweight and easy-to-handle Ekominx Panel Wool-P panels are characterised by double thickness, especially developed for long-term resistance to climatic factors: For this reason, it is important that the side with the lower density is applied with an adhesive to the support and the more compact section, which can be easily identified by the marking, should be facing outwards. The unique open-cell structure makes it possible to increase the soundproofing performance of clad façades, contributing to the well-being of the interior; the panel also improves the breathability of the wall system thanks to its high vapour permeability. Finally, since mineral wool is an incombustible material when exposed to direct flame, it is ideal for fire protection systems, as it prevents flames and smoke from spreading and increases the impermeability and safety of insulated walls. The described performance as well as the dimensional stability remain unchanged over time even under environmental conditions characterised by repeated and intense thermo-hygrometric stress.

Code Dimensions Thickness Packaging Packaging size Pallet m² Package m² Pallet Barcode
15298 1200x600 mm 200 mm package 2 piece 6 packages 1,44 m² 8,64 m² 8030334152986
15297 1200x600 mm 180 mm package 2 piece 6 packages 1,44 m² 8,64 m² 8030334152979
15296 1200x600 mm 160 mm package 2 piece 8 packages 1,44 m² 11,52 m² 8030334152962
15294 1200x600 mm 140 mm package 2 piece 8 packages 1,44 m² 11,52 m² 8030334152948
15293 1200x600 mm 120 mm package 2 piece 10 packages 1,44 m² 14,4 m² 8030334152931
15292 1200x600 mm 100 mm package 4 piece 6 packages 2,88 m² 17,28 m² 8030334152924
15291 1200x600 mm 80 mm package 5 piece 6 packages 3,6 m² 21,6 m² 8030334152917
15290 1200x600 mm 60 mm package 5 piece 8 packages 3,6 m² 28,8 m² 8030334152900
15289 1200x600 mm 50 mm package 5 piece 10 packages 3,6 m² 36 m² 8030334152894
Technical datasheet [pdf]