Polyurethane Foams

Cleaner for Polyurethane Foams

Spray cleaner for fresh polyurethane foam of any type.
  • Easy application
  • Fast action without residues
  • Dual use: with gun or by means of the dispenser button

Cleaner for polyurethane foam consists of a mixture of solvents and polymers and a propellant based on denatured, odourless and non-toxic hydrocarbons. It is a transparent liquid capable of rapidly dissolving fresh polyurethane foam. It does not melt hardened foam.

Rapid removal of polyurethane foam not yet hardened from any soiled surface. Professional cleaning of foam dispensing guns, immediately after extrusion. The Cleaner for polyurethane foam does not dissolve the hardened foam even after prolonged action: in this case it can only be removed mechanically with a spatula or sandpaper.

Code Packaging Packaging size Barcode
15010 can 12 x 500ml 8030334150104
Technical datasheet [pdf]