Polyurethane Foams

C 2.0

Highly adhesive single-component polyurethane foam for installation of roof tiles or bent tiles. It hardens by reaction with the humidity of the atmosphere and of the substrates. It guarantees quick, easy and clean installation operations.

The freshly extruded foam is compact and wind resistant; when hardening it does not lift the bent tiles; once hardened it is waterproof and does not damage them. Applied in dots or on rows, it prevents the installed elements from slipping and guarantees high tear resistance. It maintains its characteristics and performance even at extreme temperatures, provided it is protected from UV rays.

Bonding of bent tiles and roof tiles in clay, cement or stone materials. Bonding of insulating roof slabs and filling of low-thickness joints resulting in slabs side by side installation. Bonding of breathable roof membranes. Perimeter insulation of roof windows.

Code Application Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8044 Manual application can 12x750 ml 70 cardboards 8030334080449
8045 Gun application can 12x750 ml 70 cardboards 8030334080456