Sealants and Adhesives

Synthetic Plugging Cord

Closed-cell polythene plugging cord of variable thickness for preparation ofexpansion joints.
  • Correct joint sizing
  • Avoids waste of material
  • Isolates the sealant from the joint bottom
  • Quick and easy application

Torggler’s closed-cell polyethylene synthetic plugging cords are suitable for use as a joint bottom. They are used to adjust the joint depth and avoid the risk of adhesion on three sides, as the sealants do not adhere to them. Their round shape guarantees the correct joint geometry.

Synthetic plugging cord can be used in all joints (expansion joints, connecting joints, etc.) where Torggler sealants are used.

Color Code Thickness Packaging Packaging size Barcode
15365 Ø 30 mm cartboard 180 m 8030334153655
15366 Ø 40 mm cartboard 120 m 8030334153662
15013 Ø 10 mm roll 600 m 8030334150135
15014 Ø 15 mm roll 250 m 8030334150142
15015 Ø 20 mm roll 150 m 8030334150159
Technical datasheet [pdf]