Hybrid LM

Low modulus of elasticity sealant, based on hybrid polymers, for façades and windows.
EC1plus_(GB)_black_F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1
  • Good UV resistance
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • Paintable
  • Indoor and outdoor use, even on damp substrates
  • Suitable for certified installation of windows and doors according to UNI 11673-1

Hybrid LM is a hybrid polymer-based sealant with low modulus of elasticity, good UV and weather resistance, ideal for use inwindow/door frames and in prefabrication. Thanks to the neutral cross-linking, it does not develop unpleasant odours during application, does not release acid or basic substances that may corrode metal substrates and does not affect paints. It has excellent adhesion both on porous (masonry, concrete, plaster, wood) and non-porous (metal, plastic, glass, enamelled and porcelain surfaces) substrates, even wet surfaces provided they are clean and consistent. After hardening it is overpaintable: in any case, it is recommended to perform preliminary tests with the chosen paints. Hybrid LM is classified according to UNI EN 15651-1 as a non-structural sealant for façades F EXT/INT-CC. It complies with UNI 11673-1, “Installation of windows and doors – Part 1: Requirements and verification criteria of design”.

Hybrid LM is ideal for sealing the connection joints between the window frame and the masonry work (in brick, concrete, plaster), as well as for making horizontal and vertical expansion joints when installing prefabricated concrete panels. Also suitable for marble or natural stone substrates. Its characteristics are suitable to allow the sealings to absorb the movements transmitted to the building by atmospheric, vibrational and mechanical stresses. Hybrid LM elastically connects the sides of the joint, absorbing, without detachment, the movement of the adjacent construction elements, originating from differential thermo-hygrometric expansion or settlement. It therefore guarantees a perfect seal over time to water and air, reducing heat loss. Paintability after hardening ensures that the façades have a uniform, uninterrupted final appearance.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
290 Black
5498 cartridge 12x290 ml 116 cardboards 8030334054983
375 hazel
5499 cartridge 12x290 ml 116 cardboards 8030334054990
103 White RAL 9016
5490 cartridge 12x290 ml 116 cardboards 8030334054907
236 Grey RAL 7004
5491 cartridge 12x290 ml 116 cardboards 8030334054914
103 White RAL 9016
5507 foil bag 20x400 ml 72 cardboards 8030334055072
236 Grey RAL 7004
5508 foil bag 20x400 ml 72 cardboards 8030334055089
103 White RAL 9016
5509 foil bag 20x600 ml 36 cardboards 8030334055096
236 Grey RAL 7004
5510 foil bag 20x600 ml 36 cardboards 8030334055102
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