Promural Silicon

Transparent, ready-to-use hydrophobising impregnating agent based on siloxane polymers dissolved in solvent, type H for PI, MC, IR according to EN 1504-2, for the protective treatment of absorbent mineral substrates.
  • Good penetration capacity
  • Very high resistance to lime and cement (unlike silicone based impregnating agents that can be diluted with water that are rapidly degraded by cement substrates)
  • Non-sticky after drying
  • High permeability to water vapour.
  • Exceptionally waterproof (heavy rainfall pushed by winds at a speed of 100 km/h cannot penetrate the substrate)
  • Unchanged effectiveness over time (proven effectiveness for a period of 15 years).

Promural Silicon is a colourless, ready-to-use, hydrophobic impregnating agent based on silanes and siloxanes dissolved in solvents, which meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic impregnation processes as a surface protection product. Promural Silicon protects façades and masonry against water infiltration from rain and strong winds. Hydrophobising is so strong that rainwater cannot penetrate even micro cracks (crazing) up to 0.3 mm wide. Promural Silicon protects façades against salt water in coastal areas and against aggressive atmospheric agents dissolved in rainwater in urban and industrial areas. The inactivation of the substrate capillaries obtained with Promural Silicon occurs without reducing its breathability. Damp walls draining is therefore accelerated because the removal of moisture in the form of water vapour is not hindered, while water infiltration from outside to the substrate is prohibited, due to the strong water-repellent properties of Promural Silicon. At the same time, it avoids the growth of microorganisms, such as fungi and mosses, favoured by humid substrates.
Wet walls are good thermal conductors and therefore bad thermal insulators. A moisture content of 5% reduces the thermal resistivity (opposite of conductivity) of for example a 24 cm brick by approx. 50%. The water contained in the pores and capillaries of the building material increases the conductivity of the building material; moreover, the water itself can only be removed from the wall by evaporation, namely as water vapour. Turning water into vapour requires heat; a good impregnation with Promural Silicon therefore considerably improves the thermal insulation properties of walls and reduces heating costs. Exposed concretes, protected with Promural Silicon, maintain their aesthetic appearance unchanged over time. Façades treated with Promural Silicon become much less soiled than those not impregnated. Dirt cannot settle in hydrophobised pores and is easily washed away by rain.
Promural Silicon invisibly hydrophobises ceramic elements for indoor use, making them less sensitive to soiling by liquids. External ceramic coverings impregnated with Promural Silicon are not subject to salt efflorescence and are more resistant to frost. With Promural Silicon, efflorescence is permanently eliminated. Since the elution of soluble salts from cement-based or brick substrates often leads to the detachment of synthetic or plasters coverings, a primer coat based on Promural Silicon before applying water-based paints or cement-based coverings prevents the migration of salts to the surface and the resulting detachment of coverings. The impregnating agent Promural Silicon does not alter the appearance of the treated substrate in any way. In accordance with EN 1504-2, Promural Silicon is a product for surface protection by hydrophobic impregnation of concrete structures, referred to in principle 1 (protection against ingress), principle 2 (moisture control) and principle 8 (increased resistivity).

Impregnation of absorbent building materials such as:

  • concrete, hydraulic lime and/or cementitious plasters
  • aerated concretes
  • bricks, cement tiles and brick tiles
  • unglazed ceramic elements, e.g. Florentine terracotta, and porous natural stones, e.g. sandstone (in this case preliminary tests are necessary)
Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
5288 metal bucket 20 l 33 metal buckets 8030334052880
6355 metal bucket 5 l 90 metal buckets 8030334063558
6354 metal bucket 18x1 l 24 cardboards 8030334063541