A New Year, A New Beginning.

17 January 2020

It’s a new year, a fresh slate, the perfect time to start with a chance to change it up!

At Torggler we are truly dedicating our year for change and novelties – this year we will bring a great quantity of new products to the market, something that will be completely new as well as something that will complete our existing, high quality product line-up to offer even better selection of products and “accessories” in order to guarantee you more complete and performing solutions, to carry out your work ensuring the highest quality of the final result.


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Year started with an annual Sales Convention on 15th and 16th January and this is the top event internally, where all the product and project novelties are presented to the sales force. Over 100 people attended this year together to Bolzano enjoy this kick-off for a new year full of new products, new projects, new materials and some fun and relaxed time together with each other.