NOI ci siamo – WE are there

20 May 2021

Innovation department moves to the NOI-Techpark

Recently, the Innovation Department moved to the Noi-Techpark in Bolzano. Torggler is one of 70 companies located in the science and technology park. In addition to better networking with other companies and institutions, we have the possibility to use the complete research facilities, with the various laboratories. The district, which was opened in 2015, is constantly being expanded and new buildings will soon be added.

Our Head of Innovation Stefano Rocchetti has moved into his new office in building D1 and will now mainly do his work from there.

A few days ago, the Director of Services and Deputy CEO of NOI AG Hubert Hofer, our CEO Benno Pamer and Stefano Rocchetti visited the new office together.

Some key facts about the NOI-Techpark

40 high-tech laboratories
70 companies and start-ups
4 research institutions and 4 Faculties of the Free University of Bolzano

A.-Volta Street 13/A, 39100 Bolzano
Torggler Office