Our waterproofers prevent damage from moisture – because a simple silicone joint does not replace a complete waterproofing. Be it in the sanitary area as well as on the roof or in the basement. Our products help your building to stay dry, because in the worst case, moisture can lead to permanent damage.


Waterproof, single-component, cement-polymer membrane, elastic and fibre-reinforced for underground and above-ground waterproofing.
EC1 Plus EC1 C PI MC IR - EN1504-2 CM P - EN14891 EC1 Plus


Osmotic fine mortar, for rigid waterproofing of external and interior surfaces of cementitious substrates and masonry, with water in both positive and negative pressure.
C MC IR - EN1504-2

Flex 1K

Single-component, fibre-reinforced cementitious waterproofing mortar, for flexible indoor and outdoor waterproofing of mineral substrates like screeds, mortars and cement plasters.
EC1 Plus CM P - EN14891

Flex 2K

Two-component and fibre-reinforced waterproofing cementitious mortar, for waterproofing flexible underground and above-ground mineral substrates and concrete structures.
C PI MC IR - EN1504-2 CM 02 P - EN14891 Ü - case 1


Ultra-rapid cementitious mortar for stopping gushes and/or localised pressurised water penetration from cracks, fissures and holes, as well as for the waterproofing of substrates subject to strong infiltration.