Polyurethane Foams

High Tack

Polyurethane adhesive for waterproof bonding and sealing.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Highly impermeable (up to 0,5 bar)
  • Tested for installation of insulation boards in accordance with ETAG 004
  • Fast laying times (50% faster than laying thin bed mortars)
  • Usable in temperaturs above -5 °C
  • Excellent adhesion onto various kinds of surfaces

High Tack is a single component, waterproof, tencious polyurethane adhesive for high precision plane blocks, insulation panels and for waterproof sealing of wells pipes and water channels. Adheres very well on wood, brick, concrete, cellular concrete, fibre cement, metal, glass, EPS, XPS, PU, rock wool, glass wool, polymeric materials and plastics with the exception of polyethylene, Teflon and silicone. The formulation has been developed specifically to guarantee a reduced post-expansion: the increase in volume (visible only when the product is not immediately compressed after extrusion) is reduced to increase the density and, consequently, the adhesive capacity and tear resistance allowing various type of applications as adhesive. It adheres tenaciously to several types of surfaces and is resistant to the bacteria normally found in the subsoil. High Tack has a very good resistance to water, detergents, micro-organisms and chemical agents. If the hardened product leaks from the laying surface / cavity, it can be cut, drilled, sanded, painted and plastered. The consistency and adhesiveness of the fresh product, the dimensional stability and the mechanical properties of the hardened material make High Tack ideal product for bonding, especially in situations where the weight of the assembled elements prevents expansion and is helping the formation of a compact and continuous polyurethane glue layer.

  • Laying of high precision plane blocks and aerated concrete blocks.
  • Bonding of various types of insulating panels (EPS, XPS, PU, mineral or glass wool etc.) for below-ground perimeter insulation and thermal insulation in general.
  • Installation of insulated and non insulated plasterboard.
  • Waterproof sealing of water traps, rises, rings, tanks, cisterns, pipes and channels made from cementitious or polymer materials.
  • Pipe insulation.

Filling and plugging of gaps between walls and pipe penetrations.

Color Code Application Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
Light blue
5337 Gun application can 12x750 ml 42 cardboards 8030334053375
Technical datasheet [pdf]
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