Universal keying agent for protection against saline efflorescence.
  • Excellent barrier against all salts
  • Water based environment friendly product
  • Good water repellent properties
  • Ready to use

Antisale  is a silane-siloxane resin based product in watery dispersion. It is milky white and forms a temporary barrier against all types of salts which form efflorescences in buildings and which are diffused by rising water. The silane-siloxane resins ensure capillary water-proofing and prevent the diffusion ofsalt containing water. Therefore, the salts cannot penetrate the fresh Intonaco WTA.
The advantages of Antisale  are the following:

  • Safe to use and environment friendly, because it is a water-based product which does not contain organic solvents and/or toxic substances.
  • Easy and rapid to use, because only one coat of one product is required without diluting.
  • Variety of uses, because it can be used for all types of efflorescences (Chlorides, Sulphates and even Nitrates).

Antisale  is used to renovate damp walls, as a primer to prevent efflorescences before application of Intonaco WTA and/or Ekor DP 501. It is highly recommended where the masonry is clearly degraded due to efflorescences

Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
6344 canister 5 l 128 canisters 8030334063442
6346 canister 10 l 60 canisters 8030334063466