Intonaco WTA

Premixed plastering mortar for the renovation of masonry subject to rising capillary damp, according to EN 998-1 type R, WTA certified.
R_EN998-1Sanierputz WTA
  • New improved formula based on special cements
  • Increased resistance to saline efflorescence and weather
  • Improvred resistance to nitrates
  • Higher yield

Intonaco WTA is a ready-to-use premixed grey mortar to be mixed only with water and based on special sulphate resistant pozzolanic cements and selected aggregates with added aerating agents and adhesion promoting, water repellent resins. After mixing with water, you have a light, workable mix that is easy to apply on walls and ceilings to provide water repellent, breathable plasters, also referred to as renovating plasters because they are capable of drying walls subject to rising damp and preventing saline efflorescence and mould growth. The capillary system, inhibited by the water repellent properties of Intonaco WTA plaster, prevents water from migrating from the atmosphere to the wall and vice versa. The plaster therefore remains dry. At the same time, the high porosity allows damp to be discharged more easily from the wall in the form of vapour. The dehumidification process of a wall subject to rising damp occurs basically as follows: The cellular plaster attracts moisture from the wall. At the interface between wall and plaster, the moisture evaporates and is discharged to the atmosphere in the form of water vapour through the plaster itself. At the same time, the water repellent properties of the plaster prevent water from the atmosphere (for example, rain) from penetrating the wall. Any water soluble salts in the wall are prevented from efflorescing because Intonaco WTA shifts the area where the water containing the salts evaporates and, instead, keeps the salts in a solution inside the wall, thus preventing them from crystallizing on the surface in the form of efflorescence, leading to wall damage. Intonaco WTA complies with the requirements of UNI EN 998-1 for renovating plasters (class EN 998-1 R).


The good water repellent properties and high water vapour breathability make Intonaco WTA ideal:

  • as a renovating plaster for outdoor wall bases resistant to rising damp and efflorescence in old buildings;
  • as an indoor dehumidifying plaster in basements and cellars subject to rising damp and efflorescence;
  • as an outdoor plaster resistant to wind, water jets and freeze/thaw cycles;
  • as an indoor plaster to reduce water condensation and microbial growth (moulds, etc.).


Intonaco WTA is not suitable as a barrier against stagnant water, water under pressure and infiltrations (it is not therefore recommended as a plaster for foundations). When used below ground level and/or in the presence of water with negative pressure, the product must be integrated with an application of Antol Aquaproof (see data sheet). When the substrate is not continuous or regular, before applying Aquaproof, apply a layer of cement-based smoothing plaster which must be left to cure sufficiently. The plaster should be at least 1.5 cm thick and anchored to the support using a sand- and cement-based rendering product mixed with Neoplast Latex in a solution of 1:2 with water. Note: for further information and all technical specifications please contact the Technical Department of Torggler S.r.l.).

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