Risan One

Pre-mixed cementitious mortar 3-in-1. Multi-functional for the creation of renovation plasters on masonry affected by rising damp and saline efflorescence.
  • Does not require saline efflorescence treatment
  • Single product used for both keying and rendering
  • High efflorescence resistance
  • Excellent porosity and water repellent properties
  • Quick to apply

RIsan One is a ready-to-use, single-component, grey cementitious mortar based on special sulphate resistant, pozzolanic binders, selected aggregates, special synthetic resins and specific additives. After mixing with water, you obtain a light, highly workable and highly thixotropic plaster that is easy to apply on both walls and ceilings. The special sulphate resistant, pozzolanic binders used in the mix block surface efflorescence caused by the presence of hygroscopic salts in the masonry to be renovated. The highly dispersible, water repellent synthetic resins provide excellent adhesion to the masonry to be renovated, allowing the product to be used both as a keying coat and a saline efflorescence barrier.

Risan One is ideal:

  • as an outdoor renovating plaster and for outdoor wall bases resi stant to rising damp and saline efflorescence in old buildings;
  • as an indoor plaster for dehumidifying walls subject to rising damp, even in basements or ground floors, provided they are ventilated and not subject to water infiltration.
Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
6337 bag 25 kg 50 bags 8030334063374