Sealants and Adhesives


Neutral curig silicone sealant for floor applications.
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • High resistance to traffic
  • Colours: grey

Silicone Floor is a neutral curing silicone sealant with exceptional resistance to UV-rays and atmospheric agents, its excellent adhesion to the most varied of substrates, its permanent elasticity, perfect seal and a resistance to aging that is greater than any non-silicone resinbased sealant. As well as the above, its true speciality is the Shore surface hardness of the polymerised sealant, which guarantees good resistance to traffic, not only pedestrian footfall but also trolleys and machines. It is also resistant to fuels, oils, grease, detergent solution,  hot water, acid and basic agents, of both organic and inorganic nature. Numerous experiences of application have proven that even after very many years of application, Floor presents no traces of hairline cracks and flaking. Floor is classified as a PW-EXT/INT-CC according to EN 15651-4, i.e. a non-structural sealant for pedestrian walkways for both internal and external uses, including in cold climates.

With its special features, Floor is much recommended for expansion joints in industrial and public flooring, parking areas, garages etc.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
Grey 7040
6183 cartridge 24x310 ml 64 cardboards 8030334061837