BW 100

Bituminous liquid waterproofer.
  • It waterproofs concrete surfaces affected by micro cracks and surfaces subject to thermal expansion
  • Once dried it has excellent elasticity
  • It adapts to any surface geometry to be coated
  • Faster drying times compared to bituminous emulsions
  • Good resistance to stagnant water
  • Resistant to low temperatures: it can also be used in the winter period
  • Excellent resistance on surfaces of industrial areas

BW 100 is a liquid bituminous elastomeric waterproofing agent containing bitumen, solvents, inert fillers, elastomeric resins, plasticizers, additives. Suitable for waterproofing old bituminous sheaths, flat roofs on cement surfaces which cannot be walked on, walls against the ground and foundations, sheet metal roofs, roof parts.

BW 100 is suitable for waterproofing:

  • Old bituminous sheaths
  • Flat roofs on cement surfaces which cannot be walked on
  • Bonding and skimming mineral wool panels
  • Walls against the ground and foundations
  • Sheet metal covers
  • Roof parts
Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8066 bucket 20kg 33 buckets 8030334080661