Boutique-Hotel Schgaguler

The Hotel Schgaguler is situated directly in the centre of the village of Castelrotto in South Tyrol Italy, in the middle of the majestic Dolomites. Built in 1986, the Schgaguler was completely renovated and refurbished 2018. The aim was to create an authentic oasis of well-being in a timeless and alpine style.

Torggler products played an important part in the renovation work of the Hotel Schgaguler, the screed Fast Screed was applied in a layer of 6 cm on the floor heating systems in the guest rooms. Fast Screed was not only used in the rooms but also in the walking areas such as the staircase and entrance area. Given the tight schedule for laying the wood panelling, Fast Screed was chosen: a pre-mixed cementitious mortar with medium drying and setting times based on hydraulic binders, additives and selected aggregates. Fast Screed is applied in a moist consistency and complies with the classification CT C30 F6 according to EN 13813.

In addition to the screed Fast Screed, the waterproofer Aquatech was used because its quick and easy application makes it particularly suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms. Aquatech is a liquid, one-component membrane on an acrylic base. For the following installation of the ceramic tiles on the walls and floors, the cementitious adhesive mortar Tile 480 was used. The adhesive mortar was used in all walking areas and outdoor areas such as balconies.

An important aspect for the owners in carrying out the renovation was to create a hotel that would still shine in the same splendour a few decades from now. Torggler’s products have always been characterised by their excellent resistance to ageing and guarantee lasting performance.