eTics: new productline of coatings and paints

2 August 2022

Colour your life

Impressioni colori is a dive into the ecstasy of the power of the elements, an emotional journey into the world of nature and everything you can see with your eyes. A rainbow of images between emotion, excitement and turmoil.

Discover our colour fan eTics

Our solutions

Primer VIP:
Universal pigmented primer with high filling and masking power.
Consolida: Highly penetrating water-based levelling and consolidating fixative.

Skin Siloxan: Highly protective siloxane coating.
Skin Acryl: Highly protective acrylic coating.
Skin Acriloxan: Highly protective acryl-siloxane coating.

Finish Siloxan: Smooth siloxane paint for inside and outside areas.
Finish Acryl: Acrylic paint with high filling power.
Finish Acriloxan: Highly filling quartz-based acryloyloxane paint.