Floor and Tile Systems

With many years of experience in developing the highest quality adhesives for tile and natural stone installation, Torggler is a reference point in the construction of your flooring system. The wide range of products for bonding and sealing, which comply with European standards, offers guaranteed durability and flexibility to ensure the system’s resistance to abrasion and long-term protection.

Livellina 0-10

Self-levelling, quick-setting screed for uneven surfaces, up to 10 mm thick, also for heating floors.
EC1 Plus CT C25 F6 - EN13813

Livellina 5-30

Quick-setting self-levelling screed for uneven surfaces, from 5 to 30 mm thick, also for heating floors.
EC1 Plus CT C30 F7 - EN13813

Livellina 5-40

Self-levelling, quick hardening, cementitious screed with very low emissions particularly suitable for underfloor heating and for the equalisation of substrates with thickness from 5 to 40 mm.
EC1 Plus CT C30 F6 - EN13813


Premixed quartz coating for industrial floors protection.
CT C70 F7 AR2 - EN13813

Fast Screed

Pre-mixed, fast setting and hardening cementitious mortar for floating or adherent screeds.
CT C30 F6 - EN13813


Rapid self-levelling cementitious mortar with high mechanical strength, for repairing industrial floors.
CT C25 F7 A22 AR2 - EN13813

Tile 2020

Highly deformable, quick-setting, lightened cementitious adhesive for tiles, porcelain stoneware, stones and large marble.
EC1 Plus C2 FE S2 - EN12004 Flexmoertel

Tile 900

Cementitious, flexibilised, waterproofing tile adhesive for all types of tiles and surfaces
EC1 Plus C2 E - EN12004

Tile 700

High- stregth, deformable, cementitious tile adhesive for marble and natural stone.
EC1 Plus C2 E S1 - EN12004 Flexmoertel

Tile 600

Fast-setting and hardening cementitious adhesive for tile-over-tile applications.
C2 FE - EN12004

Tile 480

Deformable, cementitious tile adhesive for all size of porcelain and glazed tiles. Also for tile over tile applications.
Flexmörtel EC1 Plus C2 TE S1 - EN12004

Tile 450

High-strength cementitious tile adhesive for medium/large sized tiles and applications up to 20 mm thickness.
C2 TE - EN12004

Tile 350

Cementitious tile adhesive for medium size porcelain and glazed tiles.
C2 TE - EN12004

Tile 250

Improved cementitious tile adhesive for medium/small sized porcelain and glazed tiles.
EC1 Plus C2 TE - EN12004

Tile Epoxy

Two-component epoxy adhesive and grout, for ceramics and natural stones and filling joints up to 15 mm.
R2 T - EN12004 RG - EN13888


Single-component adhesion promoter primer for a wide range of substrates.
EC1 Plus

Tile Primer

Pre-treatment based on synthetic resins in water dispersion for the preparation of laying substrates before the application of tiles.
EC1 Plus


Flexibilizing additive for cementitious waterproofing mortars and tile adhesives.

Ekor T 480

Deformable cementitious adhesive for all sizes of porcelain stoneware tiles and glazed tiles.
C2 TE S1 - EN12004

Ekor T 50

Cementitious adhesive for laying absorbent ceramic tiles, indoors and outdoors.
C1 E - EN12004 T M10 - EN998-2

Ekor T 250

Cementitious adhesive for tiles with medium flexibility and high adhesiveness, for all types of cement substrates.
C2 TE - EN12004