Our waterproofers prevent damage from moisture – because a simple silicone joint does not replace a complete waterproofing. Be it in the sanitary area as well as on the roof or in the basement. Our products help your building to stay dry, because in the worst case, moisture can lead to permanent damage.


Single-component liquid acrylic-based membrane, for the waterproofing of mineral substrates, metal substrates, bituminous and non-bituminous membranes and old ceramics.
EC1 Plus DM 01 P - EN1504-2 Ü - case 2

Primer Aquatech

Pre-treatment based on polyester and vinyl resins in solvent, for bituminous substrates before application of Aquatech.

Promural Silicon

Silano-siloxanic, impregnating, colourless and water repellent protection for façades and masonry.
PI MC IR - EN1504-2

Emulsione Epossidica 723

Two-component epoxy resin-based waterproofing paint in water emulsion, for waterproofing and chemical protection of mineral substrates.  
PI MC IR - EN1504-2

Sitol Epoxy

Two-component epoxy covering for waterproofing and chemical protection of porous mineral materials and substrates, stainless steel, iron and aluminium.
PI MC IR PR RC - EN1504-2