Window Metallic

Neutral silicone sealant with metallic effect for glazing and window/door frames.
G-CC F-EXT_INT-CC _25LM_EN15651_1
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 3 colours available

Silicone Window Metallic is a neutral silicone sealant with low modulus of elasticity. It is resistant to UV and weather, ideal for use in glazing and window/door frames. It complies with UNI 11673-1, “Installation of windows and doors – Part 1: Requirements and verification criteria of design”. Thanks to the neutral cross-linking, it does not develop unpleasant odours during application, does not release acid or basic substances that may corrode metal substrates and does not affect paints. It has excellent adhesion both on porous (masonry, concrete, plaster, wood) and non-porous (metal, plastic, glass, enamelled and porcelain surfaces) substrates. The presence of metallic powders in the formulation makes it a perfect match for metal profiles with a metallic effect, camouflaging the joint. Silicone Window Metallic is classified according to EN 15651 as non-structural sealant for fa├žades (type F) and for glazing (type G).

Silicone Window Metallic is ideal for:

  • sealing between glass and window (metal, pre-painted, wooden or plastic);
  • waterproof sealing of the connection joints between frame and wall (masonry, concrete, plaster).
  • Sealing between painted and unpainted sheet metal elements.

Its characteristics are suitable to allow the sealings to absorb the movements transmitted to the frames and glazing of windows and doors by atmospheric, vibrational and mechanical stresses. Silicone Window Metallic elastically connects the window and door frame to the masonry work, absorbing, without detachment, the movement of the adjacent construction elements, originating from differential thermo-hygrometric expansion or settlement. It therefore guarantees a perfect seal over time to water and air, reducing heat loss.

Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
342 Gold
6146 cartridge 24x310 ml 64 cardboards 8030334061462
393 Bronze
6145 cartridge 24x310 ml 64 cardboards 8030334061455
390 Dark brown
6147 cartridge 24x310 ml 64 cardboards 8030334061479