Livellina 0-10

Self-levelling screed for irregular surfaces, up to 10 mm thickness, also for heated floors.
EC1plus_(GB)_black_ CTC25F6_EN13813
  • Self-levelling
  • High resistance
  • Fast setting
  • For indoor use
  • Up to 10 mm thickness

Livellina 0-10 is a fine grey pre-mixed self-levelling cement mortar based on a mix of special rapid-hardening cements, select inert agents, synthetic resins and special additives. After mixing with water, you have a mix which is fluid and self-levelling, which has a considerable pot life and which is easy to use and apply using a spatula with thickness of 1 mm to 10 mm, with excellent adhesion to the surface. Once it has hardened, it is extremely resistant, in mechanical terms and to knocks and abrasion, with a smooth dust-proof surface, and is in class CT-C25-F6 according to EN 13813.

Livellina 0-10 must only be used for indoor applications. It is ideal for the following applications:

  • rapid self-levelling smoothing of surfaces which must be covered with fabric, resinous, plastic, rubber, ceramic and wooden floors, etc.
  • smoothing of concrete floor slabs, cement screeds, also on heated floors.
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6716 bag 22 kg 50 bags 8030334067167
Technical datasheet [pdf]