Flex PU Expert

Polyurethane based sealant ideal for use in high humidity conditions.  
  • No swelling on hardening in difficult climatic conditions
  • Excellent verticality
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents, suitable for joints in swimming pools and chemically treated water
  • Resistant to cold
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Resistant to fungi
  • Low modulus, 50% joint movement

Flex PU Expert is an expanded sealant formulated to guarantee good adhesion even at very high temperatures and in humid climatic conditions. Flex PU Expert shows excellent thixotropy which allows its use even in large expansion joints. Formulated for excellent adhesion with the presence of moisture. Suitable on all types of substrate, glass and steel, polycarbonate, sheet metal, 50% expansion joint. Flex PU Expert complies with EN ISO 11600, class F 25 LM and is classified as F-EXT/INT-CC according to EN 15651-1 and PW-EXT/INT-CC according to EN 15651-4, i.e. non-structural sealant for façade elements and for walkways and interiors, even in areas with cold climates.

Flex PU Expert is suitable for sealing joints in:

  • Concrete and concrete plates
  • Prefabricated panels
  • Bricks and work blocks
  • Water tanks and swimming pools
  • Irrigation channels
  • Metal frames
  • Aluminium windows and panels
  • Granite and windows
  • Glass
Color Code Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
8071 foil bag 15x600 ml 40 cardboards 8030334080715
Technical datasheet [pdf]