Flex 2K

Two-component, flexible, fibre-reinforced, waterproofing cementbased mortar, which can be reinforced with fibreglass mesh, for flexible waterproofing and protective smoothing of cementitious substrates. Good UV resistance, elastic to -20 °C.
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  • Fibre-reinforced
  • Extra high flexibility
  • High anti-CO2 and UV resistant protection
  • Resistant to frost-thaw cycles
  • Suitable for substrates even of large size and with a certain mobility
  • For indoor and outdoor use. Waterproof even under pressure
  • The waterproofing in combination with tiles complies with DIN 18531, DIN 18534 and DIN 18535
  • Waterproofing of building components in contact with the ground according to DIN 18 533-1 for Water Impact Classes W1-E, W2.1E, W2-B, W4-E
  • With “General Building Inspection Test Certificates”
  • – Based on the tests for the release of an AbP according to PG-AIV-F and the resulting scopes of application resulting, it is possible to assign the following classes of exposure from ÖNORM B 3407: W1, W2, W3, W4, W5(except areas with increased chemical exposure ) and W6.

Flex 2K is a two-component cement-based mortar. Component A is a mixture based on cement, selected fine-grained aggregates, fibres and specific additives. Component B is a mixture of highly flexible acrylic polymers in water dispersion. Once the two components have been mixed, a mixture having excellent workability is obtained, easily applied with a construction trowel, even vertically without dripping and scraps, with excellent adhesion to the substrate. It is resistant to frost-thaw cycles and thawing salts, and has excellent resistance to the spread of CO2. It keeps excellent elasticity even at low temperatures. Flex 2K is a liquid-applied waterproofing product to be used under ceramic tiles bonded with adhesives according to EN 14891 classified as type CM O2 P and is a surface protection coating according to EN 1504-2 type C and class PI, MC, IR according to EN 1504-9. Once installed, the product meets the requirements for class E construction materials according to DIN EN 13501-1.

  • Flexible waterproofing of external and internal surface, underground and above ground, of cement-based supports and masonry
  • Flexible waterproof skimming of micro-cracked plasters
  • Waterproofing of tanks, swimming pools and water containers in cracked concrete
  • Renovation and waterproofing under ceramic covering of swimming pools, balconies and terraces having medium and large areas
  • Waterproofing of pre-existing ceramic or natural stone floors on terraces and balconies with subsequent overlapping installation of ceramic elements (for specific indications and methods, contact the Technical Assistance of Torggler)
  • Protection of road kerbs and other concrete surfaces against thawing salts such as sodium and calcium chloride or sulphate salts and against contact with seawater
Color Code Bicomponent Packaging Packaging size Pallet Barcode
6362 2 components bag + canister 25 kg + 8,5 kg 50 bags + 50 canisters 8030334063626
5698 2 components bag + canister 25 kg + 8,5 kg 50 bags + 50 canisters 8030334056987