The main causes of deterioration of plasters and masonry are in most cases due to ascending moisture and infiltration humidity. In both cases, water penetrates the masonry and carries the salts dissolved in it. With this in mind, Torggler has developed products with very high levels of performance in order to solve even the most critical moisture problems and guarantee their long-term effectiveness.

Intonaco WTA

Pre-mixed plastering mortar for renovating masonry subject to rising capillary damp with high resistance to saline.
R - EN998-1


Pre-mixed cementitious mortar for anchorage rough coat, for renovation plasters and/or dehumidifying plasters, as well as for plasters and mortars for masonry in general.
GP CSIV W2 - EN998-1

Risan One

Pre-mixed cementitious mortar 3-in-1. Multi-functional for the creation of renovation plasters on masonry affected by rising damp and saline efflorescence.
R - EN998-1


Pre-mixed cementitious mortar for highly breathable finishing of renovating and/or dehumidifying plasterwork.
GP CS II Wc1 - EN998-1 GP CS II Wc0 - EN998-1


Pre-mixed mortar based on special binders for smooth finishes to renovating, dehumidifying and/or traditional plasterwork.
GP CS II W0 - EN998-1


Fibre-reinforced, cementitious mineral mortar for repairing and finishing various types of surfaces, up to 10 mm thickness.
EC1 Plus GP CSIV W1 - EN998-1 C MC IR - EN1504-2


Pre-mixed and fibre-reinforced mortar for restoration work and levelling, in thickness from 3 to 30 mm.
GM GP CSII W0 - EN998-1


Very fine cement mortar for grouting and smoothing cement elements.


Treatment for protection against saline efflorescence.


Pre-treatment based on silano-siloxane resins in aqueous dispersion for the hydrophobising priming effect of calcium-silicate based panels and/or porous and absorbent surfaces.

Deep Cleaner

Biocidal agent with high anti-mould power and broad spectrum of action for surfaces characterized by microbiological growths, fungus, mould for general use and/or for the preparation of contaminated substrates before the application of Wall Remedy System.

Bond & Finish

Pre-mixed mineral mortar, classified GP CSIV W2 according to EN 998-1, for calcium-silicate panels bonding and smoothing.
GP CSIII Wc1 - EN998-1

Panel Ceiling

Calcium silicate panel for insulation of thermal bridges in the ceilings in the Wall Remedy System; continuous thickness from 5 to 50 mm.

Panel Window

Calcium silicate panel for internal insulation of relief patterns of window in the Wall Remedy System.


Calcium silicate panel for indoor applications, incombustible, ecological, with high capillary capacity for moisture absorption, with excellent vapour permeability and thermal insulation for the solution of problems, also in the renovation of historical buildings, surface condensation and mould.  

Net T4

Type E alkali-resistant, fine-mesh type glass fibre net with spacing of 4.0 x 4.5 mm, with a basis weight of 150 gr/muniversally applicable.

Ekor GP 100

Ready to use putty paste for indoor use ideal for skimming of masonry or plasterboard surfaces, suitable for the treatment of walls and ceilings made of gypsum, concrete or plaster or cement-lime mortars even in its raw state.  

Ekor DP 501

Pre-mixed cementitious mortar for dehumidifying plasters on masonry affected by rising damp and saline efflorescence.
R - EN998-1