Cementitious Waterproofers


Fine waterproofing mortar.
  • Very easy to apply with roller or brush
  • Spray application
  • Excellent waterproofing capability
  • Good permeability to water vapour
  • Can be used in environments with negative hydrostatic pressure

Aquaproof is a grey, ready-to-use single component cement mortar. The product is made from very resistant cements, selected fine grain aggregates, special synthetic resins and organic additives. Special resins, latest generation water repellent agents, filler compounds and optimum aggregate grain size ensure excellent waterproofing even with thin coats.  Excellent workability and ease of application using various methods (paddle, small brush, roller, large brush, spray). Excellent adherence to the substrate, very good water retention, deep filling of support capillaries thanks to osmotic penetration followed by swelling.

  • Exterior and interior surface rigid waterproofing of cementitious substrates and masonry against moisture and groundwater and standing water in positive and negative pressure.
  • Counterthrust (negative pressure) waterproofing of foundation walls against the ground, foundation slabs,basements, basements, elevator pits, swimming pools, tunnels, underground passages, water tanks and reservoirs , underpasses.
  • Waterproofing in positive pressure situation of pillars, plinths, swimming pools, dams, silos, tanks, irrigation channels, prefabricated cisterns, containers and tanks.
  • Smoothing and equalizing prior to coating with other types of waterproofing agents (bituminous emulsions, bituminous or polymeric sheaths) of artifacts and walls to be buried.
  • Protective coating of concrete surfaces according to principles 2.2 (C (Moisture control – MC) and 8.2 (C) (Resistivity increase – IR) described in EN 1504-9.
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete.
  • Well-cured cementitious screeds.
  • Cementitious mortars.
  • High-strength cementitious plasters.
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